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Prompt: The Beach, The Waves, The Trees

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 26, 2015, 10:47 PM

Hello and welcome to The Beach, The Waves, The Trees prompt! This month it'll be based on The Beach, The Waves, The Trees-- so go wild with that idea. The prompts we make are to get your creative juices flowing and challenge you to do your best -- so good luck! Three winners will be chosen and featured in the Winner's journal!

Try submitting again, if you missed out last journal - there was technical issues in accepting submissions in February - but fixed now!!!


The Beach, The Waves, The Trees
That could mean anything, it doesn't have to be a theme, so get creative and try to stand out. It can be a sunny day at the beach, or have people playing volleyball at the beach. Or maybe even your favourite palm tree. The art piece you do doesn't have to have all 3, but if you want it to, go ahead, just make sure to include at least one of them. Extra points if it's original and creative.

The art piece you submit can be drawn for the competition, or a previous artwork in your gallery.
It'll be judged by zepIyn, wdnest and Madmazda and you'll receive a feature in the Winner's journal.
Your prompt piece can be any format -- digital art, poetry, crafts, etc.

Need some inspiration?
Here are some artworks we found that fit the prompt in one way or another, don't completely steal the ideas, though, but be inspired and drop a favourite/watch or llama to the art or artists.

The Tree by CassiopeiaArt      Autumn Bonsai Tree by Lady-Blue      Bubbles at the Beach by arkeis-pokemon

The Rules

☆ Your artwork has to be original -- if it's stolen, deviantART will deal with it.
☆ Please have some form of the prompt theme in your artwork.
☆ Submit the artwork to the group's gallery, into 'The Beach The Waves The Trees Prompt'.
☆ You can submit 3 pieces of art maximum, but only 1 can win .…
☆ The artwork can be from any time period, you do not have to create the art just for this prompt. Check out your gallery.
☆ The prompt is open to anyone from dA, you don't have to be apart of the group.
☆  Judges decisions are final. Removal of vulgar, nudity and defamatory works are final. Abusing or harassing judges or posting abusive/trolling comments will
result in immediate blocking and removal from the prompt. Be nice people!! We will not tolerate rudeness or abuse here.

Opening Date:  1st February 2015
Closing Date: 1st May 2015
That gives you 3 months to enter! So get creative ;)

Footprint on the beach by Spanishalex      .:the beach:. by neslihans

Canon Beach -IR- by 32tsunami    The Palm Tree by lovemydork


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March 26, 2015


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